angelica (15) & i love to talk & make you laugh but a lot of the times im not even funny

nikita & castle

i love t swizzle till the death of time and me; whatever comes first

my boyfriends are:
(yes i practice polygamy)

shane west
patrick dempsey,
hugh jackman
jamie dornan

hope you stay awhile
or u can leave whenever u can leave now if u want. or stay i want u to staaaaaaaayyyyy
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stalker | manhunt (1.03)

Lol 2010 was a gr8 year

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angelica’s life

80’s music 
80’s movies 
80’s patrick dempsey

i was born in the wrong era 

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#srsly i die

I did…miss you.

Clearly, our killer is the invisible man.

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#stana katic
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"I came to Los Angeles in the summer, after I finished at the academy. My parents gave me some money and their blessing, and I drove for four days to Los Angeles. I thought I had a firm agreement with the agency, but when I arrived, I found that wasn’t the case. I came to Hollywood, but I’m not doing this for fame, but for the art. Anyways, I came here without an agent, acquaintances, and with very little money. I knew that if I wanted to stay, I’d have to do everything on my own. […] The first few months really weren’t easy. I slept in hostels, sometimes in the car, just to save money. After a while, I got a job - I sold furniture in a department store in Los Angeles - which made it a little easier because I was able to rent an apartment. Shortly after that, I met my manager, with whom I still work with today, and started to make my way into film and television.

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#i srsly die

you wanna move on, I understand.
     but I will n e v e r move on from you.